Diane Kerrigan & Associates Counseling

Mental health and addictions counseling

Amanda, guest lecturing at a local university. She enjoys providing education on addiction and understanding co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues.  

Each provider has a specialization of care, but also a desire to create positive change in this world.  Krystal, pictured on left, is passionate about increasing conversation about understanding neurodivergence.  She enjoys working with individuals on the Autism spectrum with low support needs, and working with families who have members with higher support needs.  Additionally, she is an active advocate for LGBT+ issues.  

Community Outreach - Breaking down the stigma of treatment

Over the past 10 years Diane has provided educational talks and seminars at local non-profit organizations, churches, and local companies.  Frequent topics are understanding addiction, Anxiety disorders, and also providing education to prevent staff burnout at local agencies.  

One of our collections from the holidays.  Several times a year we collect items to donate to local non-profits.  Recently we donated toys for children in families struggling with addiction.  Another favorite is to collect and donate hygiene products, socks, and underwear to individual struggling with homelessness, and entering detox/ rehab. 

Our therapists attend a variety of walks and community events to support and raise awareness of issues such as domestic violence, mental health, and addiction.  

Annual sponsor at community event fundraisers such as The Bataan Memorial March. This is an annual walk that is a military memorial that supports military/ veteran-based non-profits such as Wounded Warrior Project. Pictured with walk participants, Diane and Max Kerrigan

A recent event we enjoyed attending and sponsoring was Paws for Prevention. This event is held to raise money for the Council on Substance Abuse and Education for Youth.  Our group took a fun approach for this event as it centered around dogs.  We had a Snoopy theme with props and a photo backdrop to encourage people to engage and join in the fun. 

As a group, our providers have a shared mission of breaking down the stigma that prevents individuals from seeking care. We work to not only provide great quality of care to our clients, but also work to educate individuals on the need for treating mental health and addiction needs.  We enjoy going out into the community to spread information through educational and community events.  Additionally, we try to provide outreach through virtual platforms as well.  While we do offer virtual/ telehealth options for therapy, we try to be active on some social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to provide educational and inspirational posts to attempt to combat the misinformation and negativity that people often find when they are scrolling online.  

Chelsey, helping to provide education and access to critical treatment tools needed to prevent overdose deaths.  

Chelsey helps manage our social media content. She recently developed daily content for our social media outreach efforts during the month of May, Mental Health Awareness month, to spread positivity and help break the stigma surrounding mental health treatment.

Branching out into the local business community by becoming part of the Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce