We can reach a point in our lives that we become so overwhelmed, so bogged down with anxiety, depression, or traumatic and stressful life situations that we must take time to heal.  Our therapists come from a variety of backgrounds to help you address your mental health needs.  We can help you navigate situational stressors such as life transitions, stress with home or work, grief and loss, or can help you deal with mental health conditions that can adversely impact your life. Our providers also have specialized certifications with addictions and are passionate in working with family members of individuals that struggle with active addictions.   Visit our providers page for more information. 


Mental health counseling

Mental Health Therapy

DOT - SAP Evaluations

You do not have to struggle in silence, help is available.

"Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime's work, but it's worth the effort."

​-Fred Rogers

Individual Outpatient Therapy

We offer Substance Abuse Professional Assessments for individuals that hold specialized licenses regulated under the Department of Transportation. This service includes a comprehensive assessment, recommendations for treatment to a licensed provider or treatment facility for education or treatment, and a review following completion of care. If your case if is deemed concluded, you will be provided documentation of completed care. Once employment is resumed the evaluator will provide your follow up testing plan to your employer. The cost of this service with our office is $475. Recommended treatment or education will be a separate cost covered by the client. If possible, the evaluator will attempt to locate care covered by the client's medical coverage, if the client has medical coverage at the time.